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Footprints on Misery Beach, Western Australia

If so, then you should find here something to interest you, stir your travel bug, and give you ideas of places to go and things to do in Australia and New Zealand.

This is an independent hobby website where I showcase great locations and activities that I've enjoyed on my travels. Mostly places a bit out of the way or a little overlooked, or else better known but seen out of season. Also a collection of articles and travel tips, and all illustrated with original photos and a few videos.

I mostly cover Tasmania, the south of Western Australia, and the south island of New Zealand … and some bits of Victoria and southern New South Wales. In other words, the cooler southern parts of "down under".

Not travelling, or planning to? Armchair travellers can still enjoy "virtual travel" to some beautiful places you might not have heard of.

Boranup Drive, Western Australia

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Most recent changes:

Wildflowers on Frenchmans Peak near Esperance, Western Australia 27 Aug 2016 - Added Stopping to smell the flowers on Frenchmans Peak. The value of "pausing to study the surroundings" is illustrated by the unique wildflowers and vegetation I found while interrupting a walk near Esperance in WA.

Hiking track near Walpole, Western Australia 2 July 2016 - Added Five things I've learned while hiking - some of the lessons I've learned on long hikes in Australia (other than the lessons specific to the Bibbulmun Track in WA, which has its own page).

Lake Monger, Perth, Western Australia 19 May 2016 - Added Alternative viewpoints for photographing Perth city. Everybody takes photos of Perth from Kings Park. In the interests of photographic diversity, this is my personal top-seven list of other locations to photograph the city from. Illustrated with some of my favourite Perth cityscapes.

Whale watching at Kaikoura, New Zealand 1 May 2016 - Added Whale watching at Kaikoura - about a boat trip to see whales at one of New Zealand's most scenic coastal towns. It's one of those "must-do" activities whose popularity is deserved, and the setting is awesome.

Coal Mines historic site, Tasmania 28 March 2016 - Added Convict ruins at the Coal Mines historic site - about a small Tasmanian penal settlement where reoffenders were put to good use, and where visitors can freely roam the ruins without crowds or cost. It's not far from the more famous convict colony at Port Arthur, but very different.

Waratah, Tasmania 5 March 2016 - Added Why visit Waratah? Many visitors don't detour to this wet and chilly Tasmanian town. I did, and enjoyed a distinctive and historic mining town on the edge of a plateau next to the Tarkine wilderness.

Lucky Bay, Western Australia, from east end 30 January 2016 - Added Lucky Bay - the far side, about the less visited eastern end of one of the most magnificent beaches in WA.
Milestone: this is the 150th page of content I've written for this site ... small efforts repeated consistently really do add up!

Creek crossing the main beach at Thistle Cove, Esperance, Western Australia 9 January 2016 - Added Thistle Cove. If a beautiful wild beach in a remote cove among rocky hills sounds nice, then you might like Thistle Cove near Esperance in WA. I did, very much.

Malleefowl at the Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre, Western Australia 12 December 2015 - Added Meeting Malleefowl at Ongerup - where you can see and learn about a very distinctive and sophisticated Australian bird, and the efforts to preserve them. Being endangered, this could be the only place most will see get to see them.

Whaling Cove beach, Albany, Western Australia 28 November 2015 - Added Whaling Cove beach - one of my favourite sheltered beaches near Albany, with views across one of the world's great natural harbours (King George Sound).
I've also joined Twitter, mainly to announce new pages.

Compact camera, Ultrapod and spare battery 14 November 2015 - Added Lightweight travel photography - all you really need. This is my own answer to the question of how much (or rather, how little) camera gear a weight-conscious traveller really needs to get great travel photos.

Kukenarup memorial, Ravensthorpe, Western Australia 17 October 2015 - Added Kukenarup - memorial to a massacre - about a historic memorial I came across on the way to Esperance, opened just a few months ago to commemorate a little-known massacre near Ravensthorpe.

Tin Horse Highway, Kulin, Western Australia 26 September 2015 - Added Tin Horse Highway of Kulin, about a delightfully quirky collection of horses-themed roadside sculptures made from farm junk. It makes this 15km stretch of road unique in Australia.

Taieri Gorge Railway, New Zealand 29 August 2015 - Added Taieri Gorge Railway - a return train journey up a rather nice gorge near Dunedin in New Zealand. Great for train buffs, people accessing the Otago Central Rail Trail ... and anyone else.

On the Pig Route, New Zealand 15 August 2015 - Added Driving the Pig Route - about a mountain road between Palmerston and Ranfurly in southern New Zealand. I was drawn by the curious name, and its frequent mentions in road reports when I last visited NZ.

Bluff Knoll from the airstrip with glimpses of accommodation through the trees below. Stirling Range Retreat, Western Australia 25 July 2015 - Added Stirling Range Retreat - a range of accommodation spread out among the trees bordering a national park. It's a great base for exploring southern WA’s highest peaks and unique wildflowers.

Omeo from the Kosciuszko Lookout, Victoria 2 July 2015 - Added Omeo - history in the high country, about a small gold rush town in Victoria's high country which is surrounded by mountains and some great scenic drives.

Tarra Bulga National Park, Victoria 13 June 2015 - Added Trees of Tarra Bulga National Park - a small but gorgeous remnant of old growth mountain ash forest in South Gippsland, Victoria, with lush ferny glades and some well formed paths to enjoy it from.

Distant peaks viewed from Donaghys Hill lookout, Tasmania 13 May 2015 - Added Donaghys Hill lookout - about a walk up a hill to a lookout with extensive and glorious views of Tasmania's western wilderness. Unless the weather is bad, which it often is.

Sea Elephant River, King Island 20 April 2015 - Added Sea Elephant River - a peaceful estuary on King Island's sheltered east coast which is popular with rare birds, and wallabies which are anything but rare. But no sea elephants.

Currie Harbour at dusk, King Island 28 March 2015 - Added A taste of Currie, King Island - about the friendly town of Currie on King Island. Its harbour, great bakery and a restaurant with no food helped make it a lovely place to hang out.

Toorongo Falls, Victoria 8 March 2015 - Added Toorongo Falls - a lovely Victorian waterfall (plus its neighbour, the Amphitheatre Falls) which can be enjoyed on a pleasant walk in mountain ash forest near Noojee, east of Melbourne.

Approaching Mt Hotham on the Great Alpine Drive, Victoria 7 February 2015 - Added How great is Victoria's Great Alpine Road? - about a road trip I did through some of Victoria's most impressive mountain scenery at the end of last winter. Includes a driver's eye view video: 300 km of scenic driving compressed into 6 minutes.

Calcified Forest, King Island, Tasmania 24 January 2015 - Added King Island's Calcified Forest - the remains of an ancient forest, now a small collection of rocky pinnacles scattered across a sandy hillside on King Island.

Rainbow over Lake Lilla, Tasmania 10 January 2015 - Added Rewards of photography in unkind weather - about the sort of photos which can reward those who venture outdoors with a camera in bad or uncomfortable weather. With examples from some of my own inclement excursions.

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