Roaming Down Under


Listed below are pages which relate to travel in Australian and New Zealand, but are not about any particular place.

Photography and hiking

Lightweight travel photography - all you really need
Minimal gear which is enough for the weight-conscious traveller to get great travel photos
Rewards of photography in unkind weather
Examples of photos which can reward those who venture outdoors in uncomfortable weather
Benefits of camera-free periods
How putting away the camera occasionally can enhance enjoyment of a scenic place
Five things I've learned while hiking
Lessons learned on long hikes in Australia
Lessons learned on the Bibbulmun Track
Some things I've learned from one of Australia's great hiking trails

Travel tips

Playing your own music in rental vehicles
Gadgets and methods for playing digital music in hired vehicles, and their practicalities
Reasons to avoid central accommodation
Seven reasons to consider staying out in the suburbs or out of town, rather than in central locations
Benefits of revisiting old places
The rewards of going back to places already visited, instead of only seeking new places
Travelling light with bulky winter clothing
Options for single carry-on bag travel when you need bulky clothing at your destination
Five strategies for travelling light
Ways to make travel more enjoyable by reducing the load you carry
Ten reasons to think twice about frequent flyer credit cards
Why using a rewards card to earn free flights might cost more than the price of the flights
Reasons to avoid January travel in Australia
Disadvantages travellers may face in Australia during the summer peak
Reasons to seek out the least promoted areas
Being less popular and less advertised doesn't necessarily mean less for the visitor to enjoy
Internet access in country WA
Finding PC-based internet access in parts of WA with fewer tourist facilities

Various travel-related musings

Campervans and cold weather
The challenges and rewards of campervan travel in Australia in cold winter conditions
Special places: tell others, or keep quiet?
The dilemma of wanting to share a place with others while wanting it to stay unspoiled by crowds
Top travel quotes
A collection of my favourite quotes containing wisdom relevant to travel
Winter travel in Australia and New Zealand
Some advantages of travelling down under in the winter off-season
Five ways to annoy tourists
Five strategies to annoy tourists and discourage them from hanging around
Tasmanian forestry signs
The public relations messages behind some of the signs you see in Tasmanian forests
Australia's unappreciated wonders
About the overlooked and understated nature of so many of Australia's great wonders