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Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about alternatives. By this I mean cheaper and/or less well known alternatives to attractions or activities which are better known.

Convict ruins at the Coal Mines historic site

If you want to explore the colonial remains of a notorious Tasmanian penal colony, the Port Arthur historic site is the obvious place to go. In the same general area, but far less known, is another historic site where some of Port Arthur's worst convicts were sent to mine coal ... and where visitors can roam the ruins without cost or crowds.


Free glow-worms in Tasmania

Glow-worms can be viewed on a number of paid tours, such as Waitomo Caves and Te Anau in New Zealand, and Marakoopa Cave in northern Tasmania. Less well known is the fact that anyone can see these luminous insects - without having to pay or enter a cave - near one of Tasmania's most popular attractions.


Jet boating in New Zealand

Queenstown has become New Zealand's adventure capital and this is where most tourists head for the kiwi experience of a jet boat ride. The famous Shotover Jet at Queenstown is justifiably very popular, but there are plenty of other options for those wanting an exhilaratingly rapid ride on a ravishing river. Here I look at a few of them.


Alternative viewpoints for photographing Perth city

Just about every visitor to Perth photographs the famous view of the city and river from Kings Park. For those looking to capture the city skyline from other, different angles, here are some of my favourite alternative viewpoints.


Sydney Harbour Bridge up close

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb is very popular - but what if you are scared of heights or reluctant to spend over $200 per person to climb the bridge? Fortunately there are other ways to get up close and personal with Sydney's magnificent bridge, enjoying great views at little or no cost.


Te Anau Wildlife Centre

New Zealand has some great native birds you won't find anywhere else, however many of them are rare or endangered, and hard to find out in the wild. You could pay to visit some sort of zoo or wildlife park, but a cost-free alternative is to visit the Te Anau Wildlife Centre.

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