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Boat trips

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which are about boat trips or cruises, or journeys on things that float on water.

Bruny Island cruise

If speeding in a fast boat along the towering sea cliffs and rugged wildlife-infested coastline of a Tasmanian island appeals to you, then there is a boat trip I can recommend. It is a cruise along the impressive southern half of Bruny Island, just off the coast of Tasmania south of Hobart. Not many tourist excursions inspire me to open my wallet and part with a chunk of money, but this one did, and it lived up to some high expectations.


Whale watching at Kaikoura

Boat trips to see whales at Kaikoura are well publicised as must-do activities, and draw large numbers of tourists. I usually focus on less crowded attractions, but fancied the idea of seeing whales along such a beautiful bit of New Zealand's coast - so I did the boat trip to see if the hype was deserved.


Cruising the Pieman River wilderness

If you want to cruise up wilderness rivers in Tasmania, the Gordon River cruises from Strahan are an obvious choice. But if you want a more low key and crowd-free journey to see wilderness that's more pristine and isolated, then I can heartily recommend the Pieman River.


Tasman Island cruise

When I did the boat cruise at Tasmania's Bruny Island - and loved it - I was interested to learn that the same company also operate a trip around the Tasman Peninsula. Awesomely iconic coastal scenery, plentiful wildlife, Australia's highest sea cliffs, all in an exhilarating fast boat ... could it live up to my high expectations?


Walpole wilderness by boat

Fancy an interpretive eco-cruise into the Walpole wilderness area and marine park? That's how the brochure describes this small boat trip in one of the most unspoiled inlets on the Australian coast, and it really is a beauty. The guide is pretty amazing too.


Wanaka River Jetboat Journeys

I've written before about experiencing the beauty of New Zealand's Matukituki valley by car. Another great way to enjoy this spectacular valley near Wanaka is a jet boat trip with Wanaka River Journeys.

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