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Eating and Drinking

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about Eating and Drinking.

Cheese tasting in Tasmania

Tasmania is a great place to visit if you enjoy good quality food and drink, made from fresh local produce. If cheese takes your fancy, then I can recommend a number of cheese makers where you can enjoy tasting their delicious range.


The Honey Farm at Chudleigh

If you're searching for a land of milk and honey in the literal sense, a small business in northern Tasmania may appeal to your taste buds. It has fifty types of Tasmanian honey with free tastings, and milk in the form of gourmet quality ice cream. In a word - delicious.


Good coffee at Kellerberrin

The internet attracts criticism, but praise is also warranted for the good it can do. For example, it can help a desperate coffee enthusiast find an oasis of quality coffee in a desert of coffee ordinariness in rural Western Australia.


Cheese tasting at King Island Dairy

Tasting King Island Cheese at the place where it is made is a popular thing to do when visiting King Island. As a cheese lover I couldn't resist doing this myself. Despite already having tried their widely available cheese at home, visiting the dairy for tasting at-source was a worthwhile experience I can recommend, especially early in a visit to the island.


Dining pleasure in suburban Melbourne - Maling Road

Most large cities have streets or districts which are known for their shops and cafes. In Melbourne such eating zones include Lygon St Carlton, Brunswick St Fitzroy, and Acland St in St Kilda. But there are other gems hiding out in the suburbs, and I stumbled across a good one last month.

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