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Scenic Drives

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about scenic drives.

A drive through Boranup Forest

Pleasant forest drives in Western Australia are not limited to the southern forests region. The Margaret River region, known more for its wine and surf, also has a delightful gravel road winding its way through majestic karri forest.


Up the plateau from Deloraine

Tasmania boasts many beautiful scenic drives. One of my favourites is the road which ascends from Deloraine, in the north, up the side of the central plateau. Steep climbs, hairpin bends, lush forest and panoramic views make for a pleasant driving experience.


The Queenstown to Glenorchy road

Could this be the most scenic drive in New Zealand? In a country abounding in quiet roads and beautiful scenery, such a claim is ambitious. Yet many consider the drive along the edge of Lake Wakatipu between Queenstown and Glenorchy to be the best in the country.


How great is Victoria's Great Alpine Road?

Victoria's Great Alpine Road is a touring route which crosses the mountains at the Mt Hotham ski resort, and claims to have Australia's most spectacular mountain scenery. Is the road truly great? And is the whole route scenic, other than the dramatic high bits in the middle? I did a road test to check it out.


Driving up Jacob's Ladder

Sometimes a drive is enjoyable purely because of it's scenery. Other times the nature of the road itself is as much of a feature as the scenery. The latter is the case with a section of zig-zag mountain road known as Jacob's Ladder in northeast Tasmania. While the scenery is lovely, it is the drama of ascending a series of hairpin turns up the steep side of a plateau which makes the ride a memorable one.


Ludlow Tuart Forest

Once upon a time, the main road between Bunbury and Busselton in Western Australia passed right through the Ludlow Tuart Forest. The railway did too, so anyone in WA who ever went 'down south' knew what a tuart tree looked like. You couldn't miss them, the way they grew almost to the edge of the bitumen.


Driving the Pig Route

I often like to visit places with odd or interesting names, and this applies to roads too. One such road I just had to investigate was the Pig Route (or the Pig Root) in the South Island of New Zealand. How did it get such a name, and what do pigs have to do with it?


An unusually scenic main road

Minor back roads are generally more scenic than main highways ... but there are exceptions to that rule, such as this delightful section of Highway 1 in Western Australia's deep south. It may be a main road, but the curvy undulating route through magnificent forest is as enjoyable as many scenic drives you need to detour for.


Scotts Peak Dam Road

Tasmania's southwest wilderness is largely untouched by humans and accessible only to serious hikers. However two hydroelectric roads penetrate into parts of it, allowing anyone in a conventional vehicle to get a taste of this rugged wilderness. Panoramas of the jagged Arthur and Frankland Ranges, Mt Anne and Lake Pedder can be had simply by driving up this gravel road.


A drive down the Waitaki Valley

The road has an uninspiring name and sees little tourist traffic. But if you enjoy mountains, lakes, dams and charming rural countryside, State Highway 83 is a pleasant journey down the Waitaki Valley, from New Zealand's Mackenzie Country to the coast.


Warburton to Jamieson: road of serendipity in Victoria

If you're after a great back-road in Victoria, taking the scenic and historic high road between Warburton and Jamieson in Victoria is hard to beat.

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