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Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about waterfalls.

Dip Falls

It's tucked away up a dead end road in the north west corner of Tasmania, easy to overlook. But anyone making the effort to visit Dip Falls will find one of the most impressive waterfalls in the state.


Fernhook Falls

Fernhook Falls is more a series of cascades than a single waterfall, and is a lovely spot to visit in the rainy season. In a remote patch of native forest, the Deep River tumbles over rocks through a number of lush pools, providing a scenic side trip for those travelling between Manjimup and Walpole.


Halls Falls

Halls Falls is a modest but picturesque waterfall in the north east corner of Tasmania. What it lacks in sheer size it makes up for in quiet beauty, and the charm and tranquillity of its lush forest setting.


Lane Poole Falls

Western Australia may not be known for big waterfalls, but size isn't everything! Some of our modest falls can be truly gorgeous after seasonal rains, with relative isolation and lack of crowds more than compensating for size.


Matai Falls

The Catlins Coast, on the southern edge of New Zealand, is a pleasant region of hills, forests and wild beaches, with some nice waterfalls thrown in. The best known of these - and the one most featured on postcards - is Purakaunui Falls. Getting less attention is the nearby Matai Falls, which I think are just as beautiful to visit.


Nelson Falls

Nelson Falls is another example of a place which is close to a well-trodden route, but although popular it receives fewer visitors than it deserves. It sits just a ten minute walk (each way) from the highway between Hobart and Tasmania's west coast, but when I've been there, those who stop have been outnumbered by those passing by. For anyone who takes the time, the short walk through rainforest to a very attractive waterfall can be very rewarding.


Paradise Falls

Hidden away in country Victoria is a waterfall with an alluring name. For much of the year it is just a trickle, but in winter or spring, after rain or snow melt, Paradise Falls can live up to that name.


Snug Falls

Snug Falls gets less attention than other waterfalls in Tasmania, probably because it is smaller and not in a national park. But it provides an attractive sight and a pleasant walk for anyone exploring the coast south of Hobart.


Tarraleah Falls

Waterfall afficionados will enjoy the way this Central Tasmanian waterfall plunges over a cliff into empty space - a fine sight even when water flow is low. Visitors may be scarce, but Tarraleah Falls is not far from the main road across the middle of Tasmania, and accessible to anyone who can spare an hour to walk through beautiful forest to get there.


Toorongo Falls

About 100 km east of Melbourne, near the small town of Noojee, sits the Toorongo Falls reserve. In addition to the main falls it has the Amphitheatre Falls and a pleasant walking trail through lush forest - in a beautiful corner of Victoria worth detouring through.

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