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Mountains and Hills

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as being mainly about mountains, ranges and hills.

Wilderness views from Mt Chudalup

If you're visiting Northcliffe, in Western Australia's southern forests, a good side trip is to visit the coastal cliffs of Windy Harbour. However, when driving to the coast it's easy to whizz straight past Mt Chudalup, as so many do. I reckon it's worth stopping for the short but scenic climb.


Stopping to smell the roses on Frenchmans Peak

“Stop and smell the roses (or flowers)” - an old piece of wisdom, urging us to pause and appreciate the beauty all around us. It may be wise, but can be easily forgotten when travelling. So much to see, and so little time! On a climb up Frenchman's Peak in Western Australia I took the old saying literally, and was very impressed with what I saw ... once I stopped long enough to really see it.


Mt Frankland

Mt Frankland is a granite dome looming large over the forest north of Walpole in Western Australia. At 411m above sea level it is not big even by Australian standards, but it is enough for some great views over vast tracts of barely disturbed karri and jarrah forest. It is also accessible to anyone able to walk up a steep path with lots of steps.


The overlooked Mt King William, Tasmania

Do you recognise the Tasmanian mountain in this photo? Most would either have no idea which it is, or else confuse it with the more famous Cradle Mountain, which is similar. If you recognised it as Mt King William 1 (without needing to read the text) ... congratulations, you're one of the few.


Mt Jukes lookouts

Visitors to Queenstown in the west of Tasmania are often just passing through. But if time and weather allow it, a side trip along the Mt Jukes road can reveal some fantastic views of Tasmania's west coast wilderness.


Ramshead Range in summer

Alpine grassland with summer snowdrifts may not spring to mind when thinking of Australia, but that's what you'll find in the Ramshead Range near Thredbo. This undulating upland with distinctive rocky tors is great for casual wandering, and for camping with a view.


Ramshead Range in winter

The Ramshead Range, close to Thredbo, is a great place to saunter among alpine wildflowers in summer tranquillity. In winter, however, it transforms into a frozen wonderland - wild and icy, yet very accessible to those on skis or snowshoes.


Walker's Lookout on Flinders Island

A high vantage point is a great way to get your bearings when exploring a new place; some outstanding examples being Kings Park in Perth and Mt Wellington in Hobart. Far less well known and visited is Walker's lookout on Flinders Island. For visitors wanting a scenic overview, this humble hill provides views to rival many better known lookouts.

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