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None of the above

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which don't quite fit any of the other categories - miscellaneous observations, tips, and other stuff to do with travelling in Australia and New Zealand.

Internet access in country WA

Finding internet access is easy enough in cities and popular tourist spots, but what if you need to check your e-mail in less-visited country areas, where tourist facilities may be scarce? In Western Australia, Community Resource Centres are a useful solution.


Plane spotting at Perth Airport

Where is a good spot to watch planes taking off and landing at Perth Airport? In the past, officially sanctioned viewing was limited to the international terminal's observation deck, or the windows in the domestic departure lounges. Or else you could look through a fence and hope not to look suspicious. However in December 2011 Perth Airport opened an outdoor public viewing area close to the end of the main runway. Since then I have road-tested this new viewing area many times to see whether or not it is a plane spotter's dream come true.


Tasmanian forestry signs

If you drive through enough Tasmanian forests, you'll come across a range of signs erected by Forestry Tasmania. Here is what I think about the public relations messages behind some of these signs.

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