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Odd and quirky

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which I've categorised as odd and quirky - miscellaneous odd, amusing or quirky sights seen while travelling in Australia and New Zealand.

Battle of the Cardrona bra fence

Once upon a time in rural New Zealand, some women hung their bras on a roadside fence. Inspired by the sight of feminine undergarments dangling in the breeze, many others felt compelled to take off their bra and hang it from this fence. A great bra collection grew, drawing admiration from locals and tourists alike, but a happy ending was not guaranteed. Some locals objected, and the battle was on ... the battle of the Cardrona bra fence.



In the Ferguson Valley of country Western Australia there lives a thriving community of gnomes, in a gnome village called Gnomesville. I'm not joking. What began as a silent protest over a roundabout has mushroomed into a quirky collection of thousands of garden gnomes - worth a detour if you like things out of the ordinary.


A curious sign at Oatlands, Tas

This unusual sign was seen in Oatlands, Tasmania. Even in the context of its surroundings, its meaning was far from obvious. Does the sign warn of low-flying winged people, or indicate a meeting point for angels, or is that what Oatlands residents look like?


The Pieman River gumboot tree

Take some unwanted gumboots and a gum tree, combine it with the universal urge to decorate trees with foreign objects, and what do you get? A rather unusual tree - odd to look at, yet strangely fitting for its equally unconventional surroundings.


Delightful place names of Tasmania

Australia has some weird and wonderful place names, and investigating colourfully-named locations can be a great excuse for wandering off the main roads. I've done this in Tasmania, which has its fair share of odd and quaint labels.


Toilet paper art in a tree

Waiting for a bus can be an opportunity to study your surroundings in detail - after all, you're a captive audience. I was in that situation at Cromwell, in New Zealand's south, when I looked up at a nearby tree and noticed it had been decorated with toilet paper. With time to give it a good look, I wondered who had done such a thing, how, and of course ... why?


Tin Horse Highway of Kulin

If you want to enjoy some impressive creativity and chuckle over quirky artwork, the Tin Horse Highway is worth a look. This otherwise ordinary stretch of country road in Western Australia's wheat belt has become a delight for travellers ... thanks to many delightful horse-themed sculptures made out of junk by local farmers. I visited in late winter to see if a non-arty person like me could like it.

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