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These pages are categorised as being mainly about skiing. While small in number, they portray aspects of the sport which differ from what the majority of Aussie and kiwi skiers experience.

Skiing at Rainbow Valley

If I mention to someone that one of my favourite ski areas in New Zealand is Rainbow Valley, the normal response is 'Where's that?'. Even among skiers in New Zealand it isn't widely known. With around twenty ski areas in the south island it's not surprising that the smaller ones can slip under the radar, especially one like Rainbow which isn't near any large town. For anyone who likes ski slopes to be relaxed, friendly and uncrowded, this obscurity is a blessing.


Summer skiing in Australia

Skiers or snowboarders familiar with Australian snow would know just how short the ski seasons can be in this sunburnt land. Australia is the only continent without permanent snow, and once the ski areas have closed in early spring, the idea of skiing in late spring or summer seems absurd. But it can be possible ... if you know where to go, don't mind hiking with your skis, and can accept the limitations of skiing on snow patches.


Skiing the Tasman Glacier

Even the most cheapskate budget traveller will occasionally want to splash out on something luxurious. If you're visiting New Zealand and into skiing, then one luxury to indulge in is skiing the Tasman Glacier, the longest river of ice in New Zealand's southern alps. I did it once, and have never regretted what was a truly out of this world experience.


Skiing at Treble Cone

For skiers and snowboarders, the south island of New Zealand offers a smorgasbord of around twenty ski areas, ranging from small and quiet to huge and popular. Even if you're like me and prefer the out-of-the-way options, it sometimes pays to follow the crowd. There may be very good reasons why somewhere is popular, and this is the case with Treble Cone, a ski area near Wanaka. It is huge and well patronised ... and fantastic in so many ways.

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