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Flinders Island

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which are concerned with Flinders Island, in Bass Strait off the north-east tip of Tasmania. See map at bottom of page for locations.

Visiting Flinders Island

Imagine a large island with spectacular coastline, pristine beaches with barely a footprint, modest yet rugged mountains, a friendly and laid-back rural community - all unspoiled by tourism because not many people go there. I'm describing Flinders Island, just to the north of Tasmania in Bass Strait ... but is it really that good?


North East River

If you go to Flinders Island, you'll feel far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. But if you want to feel even more away from it all, there is a gorgeous inlet and rocky point on the island's north eastern tip I can recommend. It's called North East River, and is a great spot for boating, fishing, swimming, beach combing, photography ... or just chilling out on a lovely bit of coast.


Walking at Trousers Point

If there is one walk which showcases all the goodness of Flinders Island, then the Trousers Point walk is it. Pristine beaches in gorgeous bays, and vistas of mountains and uninhabited islands make this a walk to be savoured. But be warned - you can easily spend longer here than intended.


Walker's Lookout on Flinders Island

A high vantage point is a great way to get your bearings when exploring a new place; some outstanding examples being Kings Park in Perth and Mt Wellington in Hobart. Far less well known and visited is Walker's lookout on Flinders Island. For visitors wanting a scenic overview, this humble hill provides views to rival many better known lookouts.


Sad history at Wybalenna

The uncrowded beauty of Flinders Island can delight the modern visitor, however its history contains a dark chapter. With mixed feelings I set off to visit the island's abandoned settlement of Wybalenna. That is where a remnant of Tasmania's original people - those who hadn't been eliminated or kidnapped - were exiled as part of a tragic process. One which nowadays might be described as genocide.


Location map - Flinders Island

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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