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King Island

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which are concerned with King Island, in Bass Strait off the north-west tip of Tasmania. See map at bottom of page for locations.

King Island's Calcified Forest

One attraction promoted to King Island visitors is the Calcified Forest - the artistic stony remnants of a forest long gone. I set off to check it out, and see how it compared to similar features I've seen elsewhere.


A taste of Currie, King Island

Country towns in Australia and New Zealand each have their own unique character. When the town is the main settlement on an isolated island, that character will be different from your average inland town. For that reason I looked forward to visiting Currie, the main town on King Island. I spent time just hanging out there, trying to get a feel for what makes it different.


Cheese tasting at King Island Dairy

Tasting King Island Cheese at the place where it is made is a popular thing to do when visiting King Island. As a cheese lover I couldn't resist doing this myself. Despite already having tried their widely available cheese at home, visiting the dairy for tasting at-source was a worthwhile experience I can recommend, especially early in a visit to the island.


Visiting King Island

Many people have heard of King Island - especially lovers of the cheese which the island is best known for. But you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who has been there. It was mainly that obscurity which drew me there, helped by the desire to eat good cheese where it is made. This is an overview of my visit to the island and my impressions of one of Australia's unique places.


Sea Elephant River

Visitors to King Island who fancy chilling out in nature should like Sea Elephant River. It is where the island's biggest river winds its way through a nature reserve to the sea ... and is a great spot to enjoy the local bird life at dawn and dusk.


Shipwreck at Yellow Rock Beach

A rocky wind-battered Island in Bass Strait may not be the most obvious place for a pleasant stroll on a gorgeous beach. But King Island does have some lovely beaches which can be great to visit in the right weather. Yellow Rock Beach is one such place. It is also the only spot on a coast abounding in shipwrecks where part of a wrecked ship is visible from the shore.


Location map - King Island

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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