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Tasmania - north west

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which concern places in the north west Tasmania, which takes in the Cradle Mountain area. See map at bottom of page for locations.

Devil's Gullet and Lake Mackenzie

It's a long steep drive up gravel roads which can be dodgy in winter. But if conditions allow, visiting Devil’s Gullet and Lake Mackenzie provide some great views, and a glimpse into the remote alpine world of Tasmania's central plateau.


Dip Falls

It's tucked away up a dead end road in the north west corner of Tasmania, easy to overlook. But anyone making the effort to visit Dip Falls will find one of the most impressive waterfalls in the state.


The Honey Farm at Chudleigh

If you're searching for a land of milk and honey in the literal sense, a small business in northern Tasmania may appeal to your taste buds. It has fifty types of Tasmanian honey with free tastings, and milk in the form of gourmet quality ice cream. In a word - delicious.


Lake Chisholm - a really nice flooded sinkhole

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful lush rainforest, still and peaceful with a sense of remoteness, and in the middle of it a calm lake with mirror-like reflections. That's pretty much what you'll find at Lake Chisholm in the northwest of Tasmania.


The Pieman River gumboot tree

Take some unwanted gumboots and a gum tree, combine it with the universal urge to decorate trees with foreign objects, and what do you get? A rather unusual tree - odd to look at, yet strangely fitting for its equally unconventional surroundings.


Cruising the Pieman River wilderness

If you want to cruise up wilderness rivers in Tasmania, the Gordon River cruises from Strahan are an obvious choice. But if you want a more low key and crowd-free journey to see wilderness that's more pristine and isolated, then I can heartily recommend the Pieman River.


Snow at Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain is one of Tasmania's most visited tourist attractions, and one well worth a visit ... even for those who prefer paths less travelled. One way to avoid crowds, and enjoy an experience most visitors miss, is to be there in winter during a snowstorm. Not after it has snowed, but while snow is falling. Here are some photos and video of one such visit to Cradle Mountain when it transformed briefly into a winter wonderland.


Tarkine rainforest

The Tarkine region of Tasmania is special: a wilderness containing Australia's largest surviving remnant of temperate rainforest, plus other natural goodness. Wilderness implies limited access, but there are a few ways the traveller in a conventional vehicle can easily sample some of the Tarkine. I chose the tiny outpost of Corinna, and found a rainforest and river experience any greenie would drool over.


Tasmanian forestry signs

If you drive through enough Tasmanian forests, you'll come across a range of signs erected by Forestry Tasmania. Here is what I think about the public relations messages behind some of these signs.


Delightful place names of Tasmania

Australia has some weird and wonderful place names, and investigating colourfully-named locations can be a great excuse for wandering off the main roads. I've done this in Tasmania, which has its fair share of odd and quaint labels.


Why visit Waratah?

One of the things I enjoy about travelling in Australia and New Zealand are the small country towns. Despite some common features they are not all the same; many have their own unique character. One distinctive town is Waratah in the north west of Tasmania - an old mining town on the edge of the Tarkine wilderness.


Location map - TAS north west

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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