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Below is a list of all the pages on this website which are concerned with places in Victoria, or else something to do with Victoria. As you can see, there isn't much here yet - I've been focussing on WA, Tas and NZ first - but I plan to add more of my Victorian travels eventually.

How great is Victoria's Great Alpine Road?

Victoria's Great Alpine Road is a touring route which crosses the mountains at the Mt Hotham ski resort, and claims to have Australia's most spectacular mountain scenery. Is the road truly great? And is the whole route scenic, other than the dramatic high bits in the middle? I did a road test to check it out.


Dining pleasure in suburban Melbourne - Maling Road

Most large cities have streets or districts which are known for their shops and cafes. In Melbourne such eating zones include Lygon St Carlton, Brunswick St Fitzroy, and Acland St in St Kilda. But there are other gems hiding out in the suburbs, and I stumbled across a good one last month.


Omeo - history in the high country

If you're looking for a small but scenic country town in a gorgeous area that misses most of the tourist traffic, then Omeo may be worth a look. Especially if you enjoy scenic drives. I used it as a base when exploring Victoria's high country at the end of winter, and it is now on my 'must do again' list.


Paradise Falls

Hidden away in country Victoria is a waterfall with an alluring name. For much of the year it is just a trickle, but in winter or spring, after rain or snow melt, Paradise Falls can live up to that name.


Trees of Tarra Bulga National Park

If walking in old-growth mountain ash and myrtle beech forest appeals to you, then Victoria's Tarra Bulga National Park may sound tempting. It lured me when passing through South Gippsland, and while the forest itself was lovely, visiting the area can be a bitter-sweet experience.


Toorongo Falls

About 100 km east of Melbourne, near the small town of Noojee, sits the Toorongo Falls reserve. In addition to the main falls it has the Amphitheatre Falls and a pleasant walking trail through lush forest - in a beautiful corner of Victoria worth detouring through.


Warburton to Jamieson: road of serendipity in Victoria

If you're after a great back-road in Victoria, taking the scenic and historic high road between Warburton and Jamieson in Victoria is hard to beat.


Westgate Park

Discordance and disharmony were two words springing to mind as I walked around Westgate Park in Melbourne. Bush environments create a pleasant oasis in this very industrial portion of the city, but reminders of the man-made world constantly intrude. The Westgate Bridge and freeway soaring almost overhead are just the most obvious. Despite the sometimes jarring juxtapositions - or maybe because of them - I'd recommend this as a walk in a park not quite like others.


Back to Yackandandah

This little town near Beechworth in north east Victoria oozes history and charm. It can be a pleasant place to stay while exploring the region, especially if you like quiet heritage-listed towns which have good coffee and a bakery.


Location map - Victoria

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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