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Western Australia - south west corner

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which are concerned with the south west corner of Western Australia (from Bunbury around to the Northcliffe region). See map at bottom of page for locations.

Good budget accommodation in Augusta

One of my favourite places to stay in Western Australia in recent years has been the Baywatch Manor in Augusta. Frequently voted the best YHA hostel in Australia, it is much more than you might expect from backpacker accommodation ... and has a wonderful bakery nearby.


A drive through Boranup Forest

Pleasant forest drives in Western Australia are not limited to the southern forests region. The Margaret River region, known more for its wine and surf, also has a delightful gravel road winding its way through majestic karri forest.


Wilderness views from Mt Chudalup

If you're visiting Northcliffe, in Western Australia's southern forests, a good side trip is to visit the coastal cliffs of Windy Harbour. However, when driving to the coast it's easy to whizz straight past Mt Chudalup, as so many do. I reckon it's worth stopping for the short but scenic climb.



In the Ferguson Valley of country Western Australia there lives a thriving community of gnomes, in a gnome village called Gnomesville. I'm not joking. What began as a silent protest over a roundabout has mushroomed into a quirky collection of thousands of garden gnomes - worth a detour if you like things out of the ordinary.


Lake Maringup

If you like lakes which are isolated, pristine and well used by native birds and wildlife, then Western Australia's Lake Maringup might appeal. Hidden away in the D'entrecasteaux National Park it is all of those things, but there is a catch ... it isn't easy to get to.


Lane Poole Falls

Western Australia may not be known for big waterfalls, but size isn't everything! Some of our modest falls can be truly gorgeous after seasonal rains, with relative isolation and lack of crowds more than compensating for size.


The little pinnacles of Cape Leeuwin

The Nambung National Park north of Perth contains one of Western Australia's better known scenic attractions - The Pinnacles. This area contains what must be the most impressive examples anywhere of limestone pillars, but lesser examples can be found elsewhere.


Ludlow Tuart Forest

Once upon a time, the main road between Bunbury and Busselton in Western Australia passed right through the Ludlow Tuart Forest. The railway did too, so anyone in WA who ever went 'down south' knew what a tuart tree looked like. You couldn't miss them, the way they grew almost to the edge of the bitumen.


Salmon Beach

Rugged, pristine, scenic, isolated and deserted ... If you like walking along beaches fitting that description, then you might like Salmon Beach. Just don't expect to go for a swim there.


An unusually scenic main road

Minor back roads are generally more scenic than main highways ... but there are exceptions to that rule, such as this delightful section of Highway 1 in Western Australia's deep south. It may be a main road, but the curvy undulating route through magnificent forest is as enjoyable as many scenic drives you need to detour for.


Yeagarup Dunes - where sand invades forest

The Pemberton area in Western Australia is best known for its spectacular forests of karri and other native trees. But rising suddenly out of this forest - and slowly creeping inland - is an expanse of big sand dunes on the move. These are the Yeagarup Dunes, the largest land-locked mobile dune system in the southern hemisphere.


Location map - WA south west corner

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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