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New Zealand - Nelson-Marlborough

Below is a list of all the pages on this website which are concerned with the Nelson and Marlborough regions of New Zealand - or in other words, the top end of the south island. See map at bottom of page for locations.

Lake Rotoiti

In the north end of New Zealand's south island sits the Nelson Lakes National Park. Inside this beautiful park, which includes the northernmost parts of New Zealand's alps, lies Lake Rotoiti. You won't find much development here, nor many overseas visitors, but what you do find is a gorgeous glacial lake surrounded by charming beech forest and peaks which are snowcapped in winter. If boating, fishing, hiking or just relaxing near a nice lake are on the agenda, Lake Rotoiti has much to offer.


Staying at the beach in Golden Bay

Last time I visited New Zealand, I checked out the Golden Bay region in the south island's north. As is my habit, I sought somewhere to stay that was out of town and scenic, yet still convenient ... and I found it at Pohara Beach.


Pupu Springs

Places with interesting names usually draw my attention, so when I came across a sign for Pupu Springs I just had to have a look. Despite the unsanitary sounding name, it turned out to be a place of purity and beauty.


Skiing at Rainbow Valley

If I mention to someone that one of my favourite ski areas in New Zealand is Rainbow Valley, the normal response is 'Where's that?'. Even among skiers in New Zealand it isn't widely known. With around twenty ski areas in the south island it's not surprising that the smaller ones can slip under the radar, especially one like Rainbow which isn't near any large town. For anyone who likes ski slopes to be relaxed, friendly and uncrowded, this obscurity is a blessing.


St Arnaud

If you have your own transport and the time to go wandering, you can end up spending time in some delightful places that might not have been chosen if planning a short trip. For me, one such place is St Arnaud, a tiny town in New Zealand's south island. It sits quietly beside a lake in the Nelson Lakes National Park in the central part of the island's north end, far enough from the popular touring routes to escape the notice of most international tourists.


Location map - Nelson-Marlborough, NZ

The symbols on this map mark the locations of places I've written about.

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