Roaming Down Under


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Accomodation Some places I've stayed at, and liked
Activities and tours (other than boat trips)
Alternatives Less visited or cheaper alternatives to popular attractions
Attractions Various points of interest, including tourist attractions
Beaches Good for scenery and walks but not necessarily swimming
Big rocks Scenic places based around large rock outcrops
Boat trips Paid excursions on water
Eating and drinking Some places to restock the gut
Islands and regions Mostly islands, and a few self-contained bits of the country
Lakes and rivers Inspiring bodies of water
Mountains and hills Self explanatory
Odd and quirky Things seen on my travels which made me smile
Scenic drives All suitable for two-wheel-drive vehicles
Skiing Just a few highlights
Snow and frost The scenic side of winter travel
Towns Just small and out-of-the-way towns
Walks Mostly day walks or much shorter
Waterfalls Worth visiting for their surroundings as much as the water
None of the above Things which I haven't made a category for yet