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Kukenarup - memorial to a massacre
A unique memorial to a little-known massacre of Aboriginal people near Ravensthorpe
Sunsets at the Albany Wind Farm
A coastal vantage point ideal for viewing sunsets and whales, not just turbines
The little pinnacles of Cape Leeuwin
Dwarf limestone pillars near Augusta, resembling The Pinnacles north of Perth
Lake Grace hospital museum
A tiny outback hospital built in 1926 and restored as a museum
Meeting Malleefowl at Ongerup
See and learn about this distinctive rare bird at the Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre
Merredin Railway Station Museum
A well-done historical museum with much more than train artefacts
Merredin town tour
An interesting and inexpensive tour of a growing WA wheatbelt town
Mulka's Cave
A small cave with prehistoric Aboriginal rock art and cultural walks, near Wave Rock in WA
Lake Clifton thrombolites
Rare and primitive life forms dating back 3500 million years
King Island's Calcified Forest
A small collection of rocky pinnacles which are the remains of an ancient forest
Sad history at Wybalenna
A significant historic site involving the fate of Tasmania's Aboriginal people
Steppes sculptures and homestead
A ring of sculptures in the bush near a historic homestead in Tasmania's central highlands
Waddamana Power Station Museum
Tasmania's first hydroelectric power station, preserved as a museum
Mawson's Huts replica museum
Faithful replicas of the historic Antarctic huts used by Australian explorer Douglas Mawson, located in Hobart
Westgate Park
A Melbourne park with an unusual mixture of natural and industrial views
Pupu Springs
A nature reserve with gentle walks and possibly the purest spring water in the world