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Halls Falls

A charming waterfall in the Blue Tier region of north-east Tasmania

Halls Falls is a modest but picturesque waterfall in the north east corner of Tasmania. What it lacks in sheer size it makes up for in quiet beauty, and the charm and tranquillity of its lush forest setting.

Halls Falls, Tasmania

Visiting Hall Falls doesn't need much of a detour - if you're exploring the north east corner of the state. Not far off the main highway that runs between St Helens and Scottsdale, it is close to Pyengana and its wonderful cheese producer, and also the very large St Columba Falls. You can kill a few birds with one stone in this area.

From the small parking area it is about a one hour return forest walk to the falls. At first glance it may appear pretty much like your average lush Tasmanian forest ... but they're not all quite the same. Here in the north east the rainfall is a little lower than in the western and southern forests, and this is reflected in slightly different look of the vegetation. The variation may be subtle, but tree huggers should enjoy it.

Halls Falls, Tasmania

Most of the track is easy and slopes only gently, but it steepens towards the falls. With a little bit of careful rock hopping, a good variety of vantage points can be reached. Keen photographers can spend a lot of time here looking for that elusive perfect waterfall-in-rainforest shot, as I did.

Even if you don't end up with any great photos, the process can be enjoyable. And the time spent soaking up the sights, sounds and smells of this delightful gurgling cascade can truly sooth the soul.