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Hidden Hollow

A secluded rock amphitheatre near Narembeen in WA

It's a long drive to Wave Rock, whichever route you take. If approaching from the north, a pleasant bit of journey-breaking and leg stretching can be had by stopping at Hidden Hollow - a secluded rock amphitheatre in the side of one of the granite monoliths that pop up unexpectedly in WA's wheatbelt.

Hidden Hollow in the side of Mt Walker, Western Australia

Hidden Hollow in the side of Mt Walker

The sprawling granite is known as Mt Walker, and sits about 34km to the east of the small farming town of Narembeen. A small parking area off the sealed road gives access to a short trail that takes you in just a few minutes to Hidden Hollow.

The hollow is where the edge of the granite hill has been eroded more steeply than other parts, forming the beginning of a wave structure. A bit like Wave Rock, but much smaller and without the overhang.

A pocket of vegetation thrives in the shelter of the small hollow, enjoying the rainfall which runs off the rock and collects below. It may not be a spectacular tourist drawcard, but for those who appreciate nature it's a pleasant spot worth the short walk.

Hidden Hollow, Western Australia

Not quite a breaking wave - but it could be with a few million more years of erosion

Having got out of the car and come this far, going for a wander up Mt Walker can be tempting if it isn't too hot and the flies not too bad. The rock isn't high, but the surface is steep in places so proper footwear is a good idea. I enjoyed a lengthy ramble, and the muscles in my lower legs enjoyed a healthy workout from the gradients.

A couple of cairns mark the high points, but good views of the surrounds can be had on most of the rock. You get a sense of the scale of the surrounding countryside, and might spot an eagle circling. There are plans in the pipeline to develop a walk trail with signs telling the history of the area, but for now it is a matter of walking wherever takes your fancy.

Not far from Hidden Hollow the road turns south, straight towards Hyden and its more famous rock. If going back west, a stop at the cafe in Narembeen's town centre can be worthwhile for some of the better coffee in the wheatbelt.

Wheatbelt views from just above Hidden Hollow, Western Australia

Wheatbelt views from just above the hollow