Roaming Down Under

Bass Strait islands

List of pages on this website about places on the islands in Bass Strait

King Island

Visiting King Island
My visit to the large green island in the west end of Bass Strait
A taste of Currie, King Island
The main town on King Island, with a harbour, a foodless restaurant and a great bakery
Cheese tasting at King Island Dairy
One of Australia's great cheese makers, on a Bass Strait island
King Island's Calcified Forest
A small collection of rocky pinnacles which are the remains of an ancient forest
Sea Elephant River
A peaceful estuary popular with wildlife on King Island's sheltered east coast
Shipwreck at Yellow Rock Beach
A gorgeous beach with a river, nesting birds and a shipwrecked boiler

Flinders Island

Visiting Flinders Island
A large, scenic and little-visited island near Tasmania in Bass Strait
Walker's Lookout on Flinders Island
A hilltop with great views over most of Flinders Island
North East River
A river inlet with beaches on a remote corner of Flinders Island
Walking at Trousers Point
A walk showcasing some of Flinders Island's best coastal scenery
Sad history at Wybalenna
A significant historic site involving the fate of Tasmania's Aboriginal people