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List of pages on this website about places in Tasmania

Tasmania: north east

Up the plateau from Deloraine
A drive from Deloraine up to Tasmania's central plateau with hairpin bends, lush forest and views
Frosty mornings at Great Lake
Photos from a frosty morning in one of Tasmania's coldest areas
Great Lake Hotel - refuge in a storm
A visit to the cosy Great Lake Hotel during a snowstorm on Tasmania's central plateau
Halls Falls
A charming waterfall in the Blue Tier region of north-east Tasmania
Driving up Jacob's Ladder
A steep and dramatic zig-zag road climbing the Ben Lomond plateau in Tasmania's north
Lower Liffey Falls walk trail
A gentle walk throught lush forest to the Liffey Falls in northern Tasmania
An alpine stroll at Pine Lake
A very accessible lake with unique trees on Tasmania's central plateau
Steppes sculptures and homestead
A ring of sculptures in the bush near a historic homestead in Tasmania's central highlands
Tomahawk Bay
A remote Bass Strait beach with a caravan park

Tasmania: north west

Devil's Gullet and Lake Mackenzie
A dramatic viewpoint and a placid alpine lake on the edge of Tasmania's central plateau
Dip Falls
A distinctive basalt-column waterfall in north west Tasmania which is spectacular after rain
The Honey Farm at Chudleigh
More than 50 types of Tasmanian honey with free tastings, plus great ice cream
Lake Chisholm - a really nice flooded sinkhole
A calm lake hidden in the beautiful rainforest of northwest Tasmania
The Pieman River gumboot tree
A tree decorated unconventionally with rubber footwear on Tasmania's west coast
Cruising the Pieman River wilderness
A charming boat journey on a pristine river through Tasmania's Tarkine rainforest
Snow at Cradle Mountain
Tasmania's best known national park transformed by a winter snowstorm
Tarkine rainforest
Australia's largest remaining chunk of temperate rainforest, in Tasmania's north west
Delightful place names of Tasmania
A selection of odd and quaint place names to delight, or arouse curiosity
Why visit Waratah?
A distinctive Tasmanian town on a plateau next to wilderness

Tasmania: south west

Donaghys Hill lookout
A walk up a hill with extensive views of Tasmanian wilderness
The overlooked Mt King William, Tasmania
Its shape resembles Cradle Mountain, but most visitors drive past without stopping
Mt Jukes lookouts
Roadside lookouts providing views of west coast wilderness near Queenstown in Tasmania
Nelson Falls
A great waterfall in Tasmania's west coast forest, just a short walk from the highway
Lake Pedder campgrounds
Three places to park a campervan or tent near Lake Pedder in Tasmania's southwest wilderness
Scotts Peak Dam Road
A good gravel road accessing Lake Pedder and Tasmania's southwest wilderness
Snow at Lake St Clair
Tasmania's most famous lake seen during a light snowfall
Waddamana Power Station Museum
Tasmania's first hydroelectric power station, preserved as a museum

Tasmania: south east

Bruny Island cruise
An exhilarating boat ride along rugged coastline and sea cliffs on Tasmania's Bruny Island
Visiting Bruny Island
A large Tasmanian island with unspoiled coastline and great cheese, reached by a vehicle ferry
Cheese tasting in Tasmania
Tasmanian cheese makers where you can sample the products
Convict ruins at the Coal Mines historic site
Remains of a small Tasmanian convict settlement, near Port Arthur but very different
Duckhole Lake walk
A gentle forest walk to a tranquil lake in Tasmania's far south
Extreme south
Visiting the most southern parts of Tasmania, and Australia
Free glow-worms in Tasmania
A small grotto of glow worms beside the path to Russell Falls
Hobart Astor Hotel
A central and comfortable place to stay which is reasonably priced and near a great bakery!
Ida Bay Railway
Australia's most southerly railway and last surviving bush tramway, in the far south of Tasmania
Lake Esperance walk, Hartz Mountains
A relatively easy walk to an alpine lake in the Hartz Mountains south of Hobart
Mawson's Huts replica museum
Faithful replicas of the historic Antarctic huts used by Australian explorer Douglas Mawson, located in Hobart
A curious sign at Oatlands, Tas
An unusual warning sign, whose meaning may not be immediately obvious
Reasons to stay in Richmond, Tasmania
A charming small town with a good bakery, close enough to use as a base to explore Hobart
Snug Falls
A waterfall reached by a one hour forest walk near the town of Snug in Tasmania
South Cape Bay walk
A 16km return day walk through southern Tasmanian bush to Australia's most southerly point
Tarraleah Falls
A small but pretty waterfall plunging 40 metres into empty space in central Tasmania
Tasman Island cruise
An exhilarating boat ride along the spectacular cliffs and coast of the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania