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Other videos

This page is for videos used on this website which don't fit into the main categories I've used for video pages. Each video also appears on a separate page on this website with photos and more details.

If the videos don't work, or don't show at all, you might have better luck viewing them on my Vimeo channel at

Victoria's Great Alpine Road

This footage shows a driver's eye view of Victoria's Great Alpine Road, travelling in the coastwards direction. It covers samples of the journey between Myrtleford and Bruthen, with some still shots to better capture the surroundings, especially in the high areas near Mt Hotham. Drizzle and a week of mild sunny weather had eaten into the snow cover in the Alpine sections, but this made driving safer. Most driving scenes are about four times normal speed.

Music: The Time To Run (Finale) by Dexter Britain
For story and photos see How great is Victoria's Great Alpine Road?.

Perth Airport public viewing area

A look at the public viewing area near the south end of Perth Airport's long runway, and some of the landings and take-offs that can be seen from there. Footage was shot on different days and wind directions and is not shown in order. Includes some speeded up, slowed down, and time-lapse shot on my phone ... because I was experimenting! Anyone with a long lense or up-to-date gear can get much closer shots than I did.

Music: Gaining Ground by Leon Ayers Jr.
For story and photos see Plane spotting at Perth Airport.

Around Perth Airport

A collection of aircraft landings and take-off videos shot from various locations around Perth Airport in a variety of conditions. Includes wet runway take-offs, slow motion, and some of the local wildflowers.
Locations: Runway 03 approach lights (near Airport Drive cycle path), public viewing area (opposite start of runway 03), Dunreath Drive under runway 06 approach, vacant land north of runway 21.

Music (beginning and end only): Introduction to The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss II
Unlike my other videos, this one has no accompanying web page - I uploaded it just because I liked it.

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