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Skiing videos

Here are some of the videos I've shot while skiing in New Zealand, using a heavy old analogue camera which was at times a challenge to ski with. Each video has a separate page on this website with photos and more details.

If the videos don't work, or don't show at all, you might have better luck viewing them on my Vimeo channel at

Skiing at Treble Cone

Treble Cone is one of the biggest and most scenic ski areas in New Zealand - and one of my favourite places. This footage illustrates skiing at Treble Cone and captures some of what makes it such a beautiful place to ski or snowboard.

Music: Love, Again (Instrumental) by Van Risseghem
For story and photos see Skiing at Treble Cone.

Skiing the Tasman Glacier

An unforgettable flying and skiing adventure on the longest glacier in New Zealand. This video gives an overview of the day I experienced - the flight up the glacier, the ski-plane landing, the views at the top, inspections of crevasses and ice towers, a helicopter flight up to Hochstetter Dome, some of the skiing, and the return ski-plane flight.

For story and photos see Skiing the Tasman Glacier.

Skiing at Rainbow

This video gives a taste of the Rainbow Valley ski area in New Zealand, a small and uncrowded gem in the south island's north end. It was shot back in the days when Rainbow had a chairlift, which has since been replaced by a T-bar.

Music: Delusional by Leon Ayers Jr.
For story and photos see Skiing at Rainbow.

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