Roaming Down Under


A collection of all the videos displayed on this website

Some of the pages on my website are illustrated with videos; this page has all those videos collected in one place. More details and photos can be found by clicking the link to the pages they came from. If the videos don't work properly here, they can also be viewed on my Vimeo channel at

Circular Pool, WA

From web page: Circular Pool

Plane spotting at Perth Airport, WA

From web page: Plane spotting at Perth Airport

This video doesn't appear on this website, but is related:

Tarkine Rainforest, Tas

From web page: Tarkine Rainforest

Tasman Island cruise, Tas

From web page: Tasman Island cruise

Snow at Cradle Mountain, Tas

From web page: Snow at Cradle Mountain

Snow at Lake St Clair, Tas

From web page: Snow at Lake St Clair

Dip Falls, Tas

From web page: Dip Falls

Jacob's Ladder, Tas

From web page: Driving up Jacob's Ladder

Great Alpine Road, Vic

From web page: How great is Victoria's Great Alpine Road?

Aerobatics over Queenstown, NZ

From web page: Aerobatics over Queenstown

Jet boating at Hanmer Springs, NZ

From web page: Jet boating in New Zealand

Milford Sound scenic flights

From web page: Milford Sound scenic flights

Skiing at Rainbow Valley, NZ

From web page: Skiing at Rainbow Valley

Skiing the Tasman Glacier, NZ

From web page: Skiing the Tasman Glacier

Skiing at Treble Cone, NZ

From web page: Skiing at Treble Cone

Snow on the NZ west coast

From web page: Rare snow on the NZ west coast

Lake Rotoiti, NZ

From web page: Lake Rotoiti

Beech forest at Nelson Lakes, NZ

From web page: St Arnaud