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Mountains and hills

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Stopping to smell the roses on Frenchmans Peak
Unique WA vegetation illustrates the value of pausing to study the surroundings
Mt Frankland
A granite dome with views over the forest wilderness north of Walpole in WA
Wilderness views from Mt Chudalup
A big granite hill with a great view over forest to the coast, near Northcliffe in WA
Walker's Lookout on Flinders Island
A hilltop with great views over most of Flinders Island
The overlooked Mt King William, Tasmania
Its shape resembles Cradle Mountain, but most visitors drive past without stopping
Mt Jukes lookouts
Roadside lookouts providing views of west coast wilderness near Queenstown in Tasmania
Ramshead Range in summer
A gentle range near Thredbo, great for camping or strolling among alpine wildflowers
Ramshead Range in winter
A range near Thredbo which becomes a frozen wonderland in winter